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About The Artist

Frank Crescente was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. His parents, Italian immigrants, worked hard to give Frank and his two sisters the best life for their children.

He and his sisters attended catholic school and later went on to public high school and college. 

Growing up in New York, Frank was fortunate to be exposed to many different nationalities. This enriched his education by exposing him to the unique architecture that each nationality offered.
Frank can remember his fascination with miniatures from an early age. When he was five years old, his father would carry him on his shoulders, from this height Frank would look down and imagine that he was a giant. Everything that was in the room looked so small to him. He felt as if he could pick things up with his hands.

This was the beginning of his obsession for miniatures. At the age of seven, Frank received a train set as a gift for Christmas.

The set came complete with a little village and station made out of cardboard. As he got older, he expanded his little village with more buildings, houses, trees, and roads. It looked so real to him that he would imagine shrinking himself down into what he had created. Infatuated with these small structures, he wanted to become a professional model maker but changed instead to Architecture and Interior Design in college. 

During his high school and college years, Frank took a variety of art and design classes including lighting and model making. These classes were naturally easy for him.
After graduating, he worked with many designers, and design firms where he made 1/12 scale models of rooms that he created for high end clients. These clients were mostly from the upper west side of Manhattan. Christopher Highland, Candice Olson (HGTV), and Thom Filicia are some of the top designers that Frank has worked with. He has also traveled the United States, and to many countries including England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, Mexico, South America, the Caribbean, and Egypt. He plans to visit many others countries.
One day, while on a job in King of Prussia Pennsylvania, about 25 miles from Philadelphia, Frank stayed at a hotel where the Philadelphia Miniature show was being held. This was the first time he was exposed to the show world of miniatures and doll houses. He was amazed to see the large number of Artisans and people that attend this incredible show. He knew at that point, he wanted to be part of it. He asked plenty of questions, and informed himself about other shows that are held across the country. One thing that Frank noticed at the show was the inaccuracy in scale to lighting. With his knowledge and modeling experience he knew that he could present his miniatures with the correct scale and lighting at future shows.
Although it took a few years before Frank attended his first show, he was always confident that one day he would be a part of the world of miniatures. 

In 2000, Frank attended the Chicago International show and brought with him his first chandelier that was to be sold publicly. It was an instant success and sold within the first hour of the preview.

Frank's success in chandelier building was obvious, but he also wanted to demonstrate his ability for model building.  It was at this time that he came up with the idea of creating a grand space to showcase the chandeliers in. And so, his model of The Titanic's Grand Staircase was born. This took 5 years to build, but the time was well worth it. The staircase model has become one of many rooms Frank is well known for. In 2005, he reserved a table at the Chicago show and sold all 12 chandeliers that he built for this event. In addition to his chandeliers, Frank has added beautiful architectural moldings, and true to scale parquet wood flooring kits Frank's artistic work has been publicized in the Miniature Collector Magazine. His miniatures have sold in six continents, and many pieces are displayed in various museums. He continues to sell out at shows throughout the United States, and is looking forward to the future of his success in miniatures.

Artist Statement

Meaning Behind My Work

To capture reality in miniature. To hear someone say "I wish I can have a real one like that" or "it looks so real" I have archived what I set out to do. My goal is to continue expanding my artistic abilities and to create a miniature world for me and for all who are truly miniature lovers.

Artistic Process

All of my work is hand sculpted out of the finest materials available today. As an artist, I am in constant pursuit of perfection in the minutest details. Intense research is done for each and every piece. After this research is done I go to the drafting table where I draw out in 1:12 scale, a full schematic blue print. Then and only then I begin the laborious process of making my miniature creation.


I have many techniques that I use to make my miniatures. To describe them all would be lengthy but here are some.  Wood carving, lost wax, etching, soldering, and many others.


One must enjoy life to its fullest and take what life has to offer as life is too short. Do what is right for you and not what others tell you. You and only you know.

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