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Search Engine Optimized Home Page Text

Keyword Saturation

The home page should have 200 to 300 words of text content that will repeat the site's most important keywords at least 3 times (I suggest no more than 5) throughout the page. Special attention needs to be paid to the headings and sub-headings on these pages. Note: search engines deem the page title, domain name, headings and sub-headings are given priority importance. Then the paragraphs of text come after these in importance. So, remember to use keyword-loaded headings between paragraphs: sort of like newspaper headlines. They should tell the main points for readers who skim. 

First Paragraph = Site Description

The first paragraph's text is critical: it will end up being your site's description in some search engines. Make it similar to the "Google" description I had you write.

So, if you want to say things like "welcome to my web site", save it for the 2nd or 3rd paragraph where it won't be wasted with the search engines. This home page should summarize the site's contents: 1:12 scale miniatures for the discerning collector.

Please make your keyword list and email it to me for my input before writing the text for this page. Some to get you started:

  • Frank Crescente
  • Crescente Miniature Designs
  • artisan miniature furniture
  • artisan miniature chandeliers
  • artisan dollhouse fireplaces

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